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COVER THE INVISIBLE MAN 1975 main theme in stereo covers The invisible man VHS

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Странные факты - Reinterpretation by me !I used : drums, elect bass, elect guitar and EWQL symphonic orcherstra.....The Invisible Man, the second television series with this title, debuted in 1975 on NBC and starred David McCallum as scientist Daniel Westin, and Melinda Fee as his wife, Dr. Kate Westin. Inspired by the original novel by H.G. Wells, the pilot film depicts Westin working for a company called Klae Corporation, which is doing experiments in molecular disintegration. He discovers the side effect of his work is the ability to turn objects invisible and tries to find medical applications for his invention. He discovers that objects that are made invisible reappear after a few hours, and on living test animals the collars they wear re-appear before the living cells themselves. Obsessed by his invention, Daniel decides to become invisible himself, in part to prove that a human can survive the process, and also to test a serum he has developed to reverse the invisibility. странный сюжет

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